List of Tables
List of Figures
1 How Pension Funds Work
 1.1 Pension Basics
 1.2 Why Pensions are Underfunded
  1.2.1 The Role of the Interest Rate
  1.2.2 What’s the Right Discount Rate?
  1.2.3 The Insanity of an Inflated Discount Rate
 1.3 The First Wave of Decision Making
  1.3.1 The Regulators Step In
 1.4 The Second Wave of Decision Making
2 Investments
 2.1 The 60-Second Guide to Monitoring Investments
  2.1.1 Buffett Weighs In
  2.1.2 Case study: Houghton College
 2.2 Can Active Management Beat Index Funds?
 2.3 Index Funds Are Not a Panacea
3 The Fund’s Diminishing Capital
4 Financial Solutions to the Fund’s Problems
5 Some Good News and Some Recommendations
6 Acknowledgments
7 Appendix: Charts of Trend Analysis/Example Projections