6 Acknowledgments

Many thanks to Rebekah Johnson, Gesse Lowenthal and Martin Andersen for their sharp-eyes and proof reading skills. Lars Clutterham poured over our paper for style errors and other mistakes while allowing anything that could generously be considered part of our personal “style” to remain.

A huge, 900-metric-ton thank you to Stuart Balcomb for creating and allowing the use of The Amazing 800 lb Liability Gorilla you see on our title page. For more of his excellent work, please visit his arts magazine: TheScreamOnline.com. Or check out his composer website: StuartBalcomb.com.

Two of the major influences on this paper were the books by M. Barton Waring (“Pension Finance”) and Ronald J. Ryan (“The U.S. Pension Crisis”). Both of these gentlemen took time out of their busy schedules to read and comment on what we wrote. We have no words to properly thank them for their generosity. Those wishing more detailed information than we present here would be well advised to consult their work.

Above all, many thanks to you, our gentle reader, who stayed with us all the way to the final page. Thank you for your time, interest and attention. These are troubled times for our business and our pension. While it is not certain that we can save the Fund, we do believe it is possible with intelligence and lots of effort. We wish all of you well.